Do I need to be home for the switch?


Currently I have British Gas at home and I have a mind of switching to Bulb. One thing I’m wondering is that do I need to be at home at any point during the switching process if they are going to send an engineer? If so, can it be on weekend?


No need to be at home at any point of the switch.

Hi @taco as @scudo says there’s no need for you to be home at any point in the switch, we won’t be sending out an engineer. The only thing we’d like from you is a set of meter readings within 5 days of the switch date, which you can enter online. If you’re away for the ten days around the switch, we’ll be given estimates to use to open your account on, so even that is 100% necessary (it’ll just make things a bit more accurate)

Thanks, @scudo and @“David at Bulb” . That makes it a lot easier for me then.

Happy to help :slight_smile: