Do I need to leave bulb to get multi rates?

Since joining bulb a year ago I’ve been asking for a smart meter and it’s always the same answer… “it’s coming, do you want to be added to the waiting list?”. I’ve been on that list for 12 months now and it’s starting to feel like it’s not going to happen. I drive an EV and I’d really like to make use of timed charging overnight with a lower rate but I simply can’t at present so I just charge whenever at home at the full rate.

I like everything bulb stands for but I wonder if I might still be in this same position in another 12 months unless I look elsewhere :frowning:

Just to ad, I’m tempted by a competitor who is offering a low overnight Tarif and say that my current smart meter (Secure) would work fine with them. My current meter was fitted by Ovo energy. Is it simply a case of choosing a provider that supports the meter you already have?

There’s been no official announcement yet as to even if Bulb’s own SMETS2 meters are supported on the smart tariff. As far as I’m aware it’s still only compatible SMETS1 meters. So even if you wait for Bulb to get around to installed SMETS2 smart meters, there’s a good chance you still won’t be able to have a multi-rate tariff.

Thanks for the info. I guess it’s time to look elsewhere then.

Can someone from Bulb please inform the forum about this? I just yesterday had Smets2 meters installed - all seems to be working okay at this stage. I want to be on a smart tariff (possibly, as it happens, not Bulbs as I have an EV and there are better options).

So, what’s the story right now?

Is is just a case of me switching to another provider with a mtinrate tarriff that I like?

Or is it more complicated than that?

Could I in theory switch to the Bulb smart tarriff now, or is that not working for whatever reason??

@Jags - see:

Thanks for all the help guys. I’ve chosen to move to octopus Energy as their Go Tarif suits my use of the electric car. If bulb ever get the smart meter and dual Tarif situation sorted I would happily return but for now I have to choose an option that works.