Do monthly bills have to be generated with estimates?


I’m new to Bulb (a couple of months) but one thing that’s annoying me at the moment is I provide you with meter readings around 3 days before the 1st of every month and then call to ask for a bill to be produced, like I have done with other suppliers. However, unlike other suppliers on the 1st of every month I receive another estimated bill from Bulb that I don’t want.

Is there anyway you can deactivate this option instead opting to call every month to ask for a bill to be produced rather than receiving 2 bills every month?



I maybe wrong with this so Bulb can clarify. If you submit a reading then ask for a bill it will not have gone through the system yet so has to be an estimate. I submit on the 1st of month and it takes a couple of days to receive my statement which is the actual readings I submitted.
I am assuming it takes a couple of days for your readings to be processed before an actual statement can be issued.

I submit readings on the 1st, and then get the statement without estimated reads on the 5th generally. The statement seems to go up to the 1st, so I guess it takes them a few days to approve the readings or whatever.

@akchpmn your account is aligned to the 1st of each month. If you submit reads at the end of the month, say, the 29th of each month, the the statement for that month will use that read as the closing read (and indeed the statement for the next month will use that read as its opening read). You shouldn’t need to call us, this should happen automatically. I’m not sure why this hasn’t worked every month, but generally, it will.

In the case you describe, the ‘estimate’ is only estimating one or two days’ worth of usage, so the bill is still mostly based on the actual reads. (If that makes sense?)

TLDR: Your account is aligned to the 1st of each month, so you will always get a statement for the preceding month (i.e. ending on the 31st, 30th, or 28th, depending on the month), even if we created a hot bill for you a few days previous.

TLDR part 2: I agree with what @scudo and @katherine244 wrote.

Apologies i’ve not been on sooner to say thank you for previous replies so i’ll say it now thanks @scudo @katherine244 & @“Andrew at Bulb”

Just now i’ve submitted my meter readings, however based on the above response i’m hoping that in the next couple of days or early into the new year i’ll receive a bill thats based on todays readings and not an estimate :slight_smile:

Happy new year to you all!