Do not have a smart meter

BULB VIA SIEMENS (the sub contractor) fitted my smart meter - the engineer was only a domestic installer who had done a simple metering course and did not understand it. Due that I have all electric the first night I had a complete power failure due to the engineer. Bulb were totally useless, to the extent they actually said it did not happen!!! If you do have one of these installed ensure your engineer is a QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN only.
Then the IHD did not work, they even said it was working when it was unplugged in a drawer 5 months down the line and going to the Ombudsman (who found in my favour) I have not received a new IHD or the measly compensation I sought and the Ombudsman said I should - they have screwed up !!! Customer service is poor, metering department are liars, managers do not realise they get paid from customers, this company was good but not any more.

Hi @paulmalcolmcooke :wave: Welcome to Community,

I am sorry to hear about the issues you experienced when having smart meters installed. I can see we sent another engineer to fix the supply issues after the initial installation.

I understand you’ve also had issues with the IHD not working after the installation. I can see you raised both issues with the ombudsman and they proposed a resolution to the issues. You did not agree to their resolution and so no further action has been taken on your account.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

No - the ombudsman has contacted you twice to give a resolution - you have not complied and to this end take this as a notice before action if you do not comply by Wednesday 11/05/2022 court proceedings will be issued.


Paul M Cooke