Do smart meters interfere with Wi-Fi?

I have been experiencing a lot of Wi-Fi problems for more than a month and and this, I think, coincides with the installation of my smart meters. Electric meter is at the front door, gas under the stairs and my BTHub6 is equidistant between the two. Any suggestions/ advice?

From google:
“Changing the channel on the WiFi router to 1 or 11 significantly helps the problem.”

@Janmal, the smart metering devices use 2.4GHz Zigbee to communicate, which is the same band that traditional WiFi uses.

Sadly Zigbee channel hops and selects a channel automatically, and without a spectrum analyser there is no easy way to work out which channel it would be best for your WiFi to be broadcasting on.

You could try switching as @phproxy suggests but it is possible that the Zigbee with change its channel at some point in the future and interfere with one another again.
I’d also recommend using 5GHz WiFi with devices as much as possible.

In the long run moving your BT hub would be the best bet. If it’s not in the middle causing interference to the two smart devices, all devices can use less power to communicate and it will generally improve the situation all over your property.