Do we have to have a different meter when we change from British Gas to Bulb and cost?

Do we have to change our meter if we go from British Gas to Bulb and, if so, what is the cost?

Hi @magdoug, no you don’t need to change your meter, Any supplier can use any meter. The exception is prepay meters. At the moment we can’t supply a prepay meter, so if you have one of them I’m afraid you can’t join Bulb at the moment.

Many thanks, Will. We have a British Gas meter. I must admit, after 30+ years with them, I’m very nervous of switching to Bulb, but it will save us so much money that I have to really consider it.

Righto @magdoug. I understand your trepidation, but it’s really very easy and there is no risk that your lights will turn out. Once you tell us that you’d like to switch we do all the heavy lifting. 3 weeks after that you have us as your new supplier.

Let me know if you have any more questions about switching. I’ll be happy to answer any you have.

Hello again, Will. I’ve just found out we’re using a lot more energy than I thought and am wondering if it’s worth switching to Bulb, after all. Our British Gas annual usage is Gas: 15,436KwHrs per year and Electricity: 7250KwHrs per year. Can you tell me please if we will save enough money per month to make the switch worthwhile? (Apparently, according to British Gas, I cannot switch to a collective with them at the moment, because I did not join the Money Saving Expert Club before 19 September 2016.) Many thanks. (I need an answer asap if possible, as the ‘ability to cancel’ period with Bulb only lasts another week.) I’m sorry to be dithering, but this is very important to us. Thanks again.

Hi @magdoug, If you’re using more energy it will only ever be more worthwhile to move to Bulb. We are cheaper than British Gas because our cost per unit is a lot less. Since you’re using more units, your total saving will be even higher. I’ve just run the numbers, and you stand to save £314 a year compared to British Gas’s Standard tariff. So still worth staying with us :slight_smile:

Thanks, Will. Good news! The only other thing that is bothering me is what will happen if Bulb goes bust? It’s only because I’ve stayed with BG for so long because I thought, as it’s such a large organisation, it won’t go bust (although you never know, of course), but I do worry with smaller, less well-known companies, and I had never heard of ‘Bulb’ before. Thanks.

@magdoug, don’t worry, even in the very unlikely scenario where we go bust (we’re doing pretty well for ourselves) you would never lose power. Ofgem would make sure that another supplier picks up your power supply without any hitch. All suppliers are required as part of their license to pick up people in the case of bust suppliers. It is extremely rare for suppliers to go bust though.

Thanks again, Will. We have decided to stay with Bulb now.

Great. I’m so glad to hear it.