Do you install smart meters?

I’m interested about having a smart meter. It is possible for bulb to install one?

Hey @crazyarg, we don’t have any solid plans yet regarding smart meters but we are looking to run a trial around the middle of this year. If you would like me to, I can add you to the smart meters trial list so you are sent updates :slight_smile:

Yes please! Thanks :slight_smile:

Could I please also be included? :slight_smile:

@crazyarg and @rosswinter, you’ve both been added!


I would also be very interested in joining your trial if at all possible

kind regards

No problem at all @rosswinter and @uniqueloachy, you’ve both been added to the list.

Hi @sj_han I would like to be part of the smart meter trial!!! Thanks!

Please add me to your smart meter trial.

Please also add me to the list :slight_smile:

Hey there @eurc and @lloydwatkin, I’ve added you both to the smart meter trial list now.

@guga_124, I’ve sent you a separate email just to double check your details so we can add you to the list too :slight_smile: