Do you not reply to emails?

I emailed with a pretty important query a week ago and have had nothing back at all, really thought Bulb would be decent with support :confused:

I’m moving in 2 weeks and want to stay with Bulb but am going from Electric only to Electric + Gas. Basically needed to know what the process is as I’m a tenant so my current tenancy has 3 weeks left but I’m moving in 2 so have an overlap.

Would really appreciate it if someone from Bulb could let me know the process as surprisingly you’ve got nothing on moving in your help section.


Hi @rick159 - we haven’t received your email! Did you send it to,uk? That’s the best place to reach us.

For your old address, on the date you cease being responsible (eg. sale or end of tenancy), please take a set of meter readings and let us know these and the date you are no longer responsible for the property. We’ll close the account and issue a final bill. If you’re in credit, we’ll issue you a refund or transfer this to your new property account. If there’s a debt we’ll take one final payment from you.

The property will remain supplied by Bulb, unless the new tenants choose to switch away. We’ll send them a letter telling them a bit about us.

If you’d like us to supply your new address too, the easiest way is to head to and sign it up online. You can answer questions about the property type to create a quote. Please use the same email and password that you currently use for MyBulb and the log on details will remain the same. We’ll ask for a set of meter readings on the switch date and send these to the old supplier so they can send a final bill for the short period they’ve supplied you. If you don’t know who this is, please let us know and we can check!

The switch at the new property will take 21 days so there will be a short period of usage for which the existing supplier will bill you. Because of this, it’s worth giving them a ring to say you’re the new tenant. Otherwise they might object to the switch.

Hope that helps to answer your questions, but just shout if not! Thanks.