Do you provide final meter readings for previous supplier?

I have just joined and a few days ago provided my initial metering readings (Gas/Electricity). Do these automatically get sent to my previous supplier SSE? Reason I ask is that these are still showing as “active products” on my old SSE account and you’ve just taken first monthly payment so I assume I am “live” with Bulb.

I got a confirmation email over weekend that I am a Bulb customer which is great but could you confirm that the meter readings I supplied were relayed to SSE ASAP. Thanks

Hi @duncanjw , great that you’re all switched over, welcome!

When we receive your reading, it is sent to be validated by a couple of industry third parties, then sent on to your old supplier. The third parties just check that the reading you have provided is in line with the previous readings from the property.

Looking at your account, your old supplier should have received your gas and electricity readings. This means they now have all the information they need to produce your final bill, so hopefully you will receive this soon!

If you have any problems let us know and we’ll give them a call for you.