Dodgy Gas Meter Readings? ( honestly )

I believe my gas meter has started giving inaccurate readings but don’t really know what to do about it?
I submit reading every month and my gas usage has been stable through out my time with Bulb & and previous suppliers) at around £45-£55 per month. However…all of a sudden in the last 2 readings over a 6 week period it has quadrupled saying I’ve used over £200 in the month of October. (Remarkable for a 2 bed terrace) What can I do if I believe my meter has developed a fault? Can I have it tested?
I haven’t left the heating on by mistake or gone away for a month or anything stupid so sat here scratching my head wondering what my next step should be? Re submitted readings and Bulb says yes my usage figure is correct. Any ideas???

If Bulb get someone to check your meter and it is deemed as NOT FAULTY then you will be charged for it, so best try and check yourself first.
Find a period in the day you can ensure all gas appliance can be turned off then take a reading, leave everything off as long as possible and then check readings again and see if anything registers.

Thanks Scudo…I’ll try that!

UPDATE my gas usage according to my meter went over £300 in November. Something’s not right here so contacted Bulb. They have arranged for the meter to be replaced and tested…awaiting results of test which could cost me £120 but meter installer said there was a gas leek and replaced the valves as well…does this effect the outcome of the test? Lets wait and see!

Thanks for keeping the community updated, I hope it works in your favour.

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UPDATE…Meter replaced in December and my usage figures have plummeted 50% HAPPY DAYS!!! Not heard off the meter people regarding any charges so I presume it must of been faulty. Very faulty!!

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Hmmm, interesting. Thanks for the update; so many people ask a question, get an answer and then disappear.

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