Dodgy practices??

Your gas unit rate is 2.7292p per kwh
Hi *****,

We noticed that some of our welcome packs recently had told members incorrect gas unit rates. So we just wanted to confirm what it should be.

Your gas unit rate is 2.7292p per kwh, including VAT. This is what you were quoted when you joined Bulb. Everything else in your welcome pack is correct and this doesn’t change how much we expect your energy to cost.

What happened?
The website you joined us through was powered by a service run by Energy Helpline. When Energy Helpline told us you wanted to join Bulb, they incorrectly told us they had signed you up using the wrong rate, when in fact they did quote you the correct rates.

Our system generated your welcome pack using these incorrect rates before. We’ve corrected your rates now, so you can be sure you will be charged the rates you were quoted when you joined us.

We’re very sorry for any confusion this has caused. We’re working with Energy Helpline now to make sure this never happens again. Please let us know if you have any questions.

All the best,

Oryginalny i have been qoted 2.39 per kwh

Hi @Belzyc,

Could you tell us which site you joined us through? 2.39p per kwh is not a price that we offer for any region, so if they quoted you that then they would be very incorrect and we need to get in touch with them ASAP.

In your welcome pack we incorrectly told you that your gas unit rate was 2.35p (2.4675p including VAT) due to an error made by Energy Helpline (the service used by the site you joined us through). They have assured us that despite this error, they quoted you the correct amount of 2.7292p including VAT per kwh. Our investigations match what EHL has told us. But if we’re wrong we’ll correct it as soon as possible, so anything more that you can tell us will be very helpful.

If you don’t want to be with us anymore we’d understand. It isn’t a good first impression when joining a new supplier. You’ll be free to choose a new supplier without any exit fees once your switch has completed.

All the best,
Will at Bulb