Does anybody have a working IHD (In Home Display) following a SMETS2 install?

Just curious if there is anybody out there in bulb customer land that actually has a fully working In Home Display, IHD for Gas and Electric? This will be from a new SMETS2 smart meter install?

I appreciate that people generally only hit forums when they have issues, but there are enough customers reporting problems from several months back. I would think that you would expect to see them shouting from the roof tops that they are sorted…but all I hear is silence!

The IHD from my install from 20th March is still not working and contacting the bulb smart team is frustrating to say the least. With very few updates, certainly nothing for a week now.

So anybody have a fully functioning IHD?

We only had ours installed today so your post isn’t instilling much faith in ours connecting. I’m also really irritated that our Hive heating wont connect after the power being switched off. I will be even more irritated if this IHD won’t connect sometime soon.

Consider yourself lucky. My install was on the 17th January and the meter itself is still not properly connected.

My friend’s install however was fine initially, now seems to yo-yo between working, not working, and half-working depending on how it’s feeling.

As far as I know, very little in the way of fixes has come from Bulb so far - they’re still apparently working on general fixes to rollout to everyone.