Does anyone else have issues with bulbs always falling off the network?

I give up on trying to figure why I have bulbs always dropping off the network. I have a total of 21 bulbs and usually 5 or so end up always falling off the network. I don’t know if its just not getting a strong connection or what. Downstairs ones I have set up to my wifi router…upstairs ones some set up to downstairs wifi router and some to my upstairs wifi extender.

Is it possible to have too many items on wifi so that’s why some bulbs may drop? In addition to the 21 bulbs there’s the other usual items like phone, tablet, computer, printer, wifi security cams.

I’ve contacted their support multiple times and usually they just tell me to make sure everything is updated. They all are but i just don’t know what to do anymore.

Anyone else dealing with and found a solution? Would a better wifi solution work? I’d rather not have to get a whole new wifi setup just for lightbulbs but whatever.

What sort of light bulbs do you have? I’ve not had problems with our Philips Hue bulbs, but we’ve only got 10 across 3 floors (and they are reasonably ‘close’ to each other (I think the largest gap between two bulbs is 9ft) which will help their Zigbee ‘mesh’ network. [the Zigbee mesh network means the bulbs communicate to each other and then to the ‘hub’ - and only the hub connects to the wifi network: so you can actually have wifi controlled bulbs outside the reach of your wifi network!).