Does anyone have a working IHD?

There are numerous comments here regarding IHDs not working. Bulb and other suppliers imply it’s not a common problem however it does seem to be the largest cause of complaints regarding SMETS2.

I can’t believe that people in the know don’t know what the problem is. It would just be nice if Bulb and other suppliers would just tell us. The only way customers would see the much touted financial benefits of smart meters is by changing their usage which would be most likely encouraged by seeing their consumption on their IHDs which for many don’t work.

I and I suspect others would like a little more communication.

Hi there,

We’ve got a new feature in the bulb account where you can fix your in home display or report it to us if that doesn’t work.

You can find the link to log in at

From there you just need to click ‘My IHD isn’t showing energy usage’ and run through the step

Which doesn’t work

My IHD has not worked from day one.
Various promises that a fix is being worked on but three months on still nothing.
My latest email chaser has not been replied to.
Does anybody have a working IHD I wonder?
Bulb was great at first but now they seem to be poor at communicating

Mine works perfectly for both Gas and Electricity on the screen.

Of course Bulb don’t get any of the data so I haven’t had a statement in 3 months, but apart from that it’s perfect. :confused:

Display hasn’t worked properly since smart meters installed in early April…Bulb don’t seem to know what to do…the electric meter never worked, now the gas is still displayed but isn’t up to date
I just wanted accurate bills…some hope can’t even post my own readings because system thinks I’ve got a smart meter (well I do have two) but they don’t work…I’m hundreds of pounds in credit… but don’t know what I should be paying

Mine also works fine but am in the same position of not having had a statement on my account.

You can check your previous months usage on the IHD though so if you are at all worried and it will give you a cost (minus standing charge) per month since it was installed.

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@ACGTS98 I was in the same position so spoke to bulb after 3 months of no bills. It appears unless the system is told to close off the dumb meters no auto billing is processed. I got my latest bill this morning so auto billing has resumed.

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Hi All

Had our IHD installed on October 3rd 2019, and it took a fair amount of time for the unit to start displaying any info, the units seems to have many issues and to think this is the second Gen unit makes me wonder how bad the first was.


  1. The unit took an extremely long time to start displaying any info, and when it did start displaying usage it was on and off all the time but just accepted it as a setup process what with it being new, but even now the unit rarely displays both electricity and gas at the same time.

  2. The LAG, the IHD has a massive lag issue i have tested it against another (electricity only) unit i purchased from Amazon and it is almost instant to show the usage, i set both meters next to each other and flicked the switch on the kettle and the unit from Amazon was instant yet the IHD did not even twitch till the kettle had almost finished,

The IHD is sited within 3 meters Of both the gas and electric meters in the kitchen and is not located near anything that i would consider to have an effect on its ability to connect to them.

I’m still new to the smart meter club and not sure if this is all normal!