Does anyone know the actual price for a cubic metre of gas and a Kwh of electricity from April first 2022?

Does anyone know the actual prices for a metre cubed of gas and a Kwh of electricity since April first 2022?

Hello, you can see the Tariff in your Bulb Account.

Unit rate: 27.86p per kWh
Standing charge: 48.13p per day


Unit rate: 7.37p per kWh
Standing charge: 27.22p per day

Standing charge on electric increased by almost 100% disgusting gas also almost 100% those figures must be wrong that is not the % that the increase was supposed to be.

I totally agree, I can understand the Unit Rate going up for Gas but why has the Standing charge increased by so much for both Gas and Electricity Totally disgusted with Bulb,

Almost 100% on electric S C and the same on gas almost 100% i understood from all companies the increase on gas was 50% but that standing charge is a total disgrace also. I do not understand why we payer meter charges for smart meters no feet on the ground to read them it is all done automatically by energy companies absolutely disgusting daylight robbery with the governments blessing. I understand the gas but not those meter charges.

But i still do not understand why gas prices have almost doubled extortian
People go to prison for that offence.