Does anyone know who AIC is?

This company is harassing me for balances I do not owe, I pay my bill when arrives and also pay a monthly direct debit i top up each month as it’s obviously higher. This company do not respond to phone calls and neither do bulb?

Yes I know they have a phone , they just don’t answer it.
I have no idea who this company is or why they are harassing me.
Think it’s time to change suppliers

They’re debt collectors.

Not useful, I am not in debt .

You asked who they are. I simply told you.

From AIC’s website:

Who Are We?

At Allied International Credit (UK) Limited, we work with and represent financial and utility services to find the best possible outcome for customers that may have overdue or outstanding balances.

If we have attempted to contact you by letter, email, SMS or over the phone, then your account has been passed to us by one of your service providers so we can help you resolve your account.

Allied International Credit (UK) Ltd is part of a global organization which operates from nine facilities with over 2400 employees, so you can be assured we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

My son is constantly being sent threatening letters from a debt company on behalf of British Gas for an outstanding gas bill… Except he doesn’t even have a gas supply in his flat!

He’s sent them numerous letters and phoned them several times explaining, they say they’ll update their info and stop bothering him then a few weeks later the letters just start arriving again

He’s really worried that one day they’ll manage to blag a permit to enter order from a Magistrate and enter his flat while he’s at work one day

These debt companies are absolutely disgusting and only see the potential commission they’ll earn in executing a Writ or Court Order. They treat every named Plaintiff like a criminal and don’t listen to the people they’re harassing who do try and contact them and are completely innocent thru utility suppliers cock ups

‘Cant Pay They’ll Take it Away’ on Chat was a real eye opener, you could see some of the collectors driven by greed to earn commission and treat some people horribly. Stuart McCracken was especially rude, ignorant, threatening and obtuse on many episodes of that show