Does bulb ever reply to their customers?

My IHD is faulty and my smart meters don’t send readings. It’s been over 6 months and Bulb’s support have been abysmal. I apparently have an open complaint, though you wouldn’t know it from the silence. I emailed hello@bulb and complaints@bulb a copy of these notes I started keeping about this saga over a fortnight ago and have had no response - not even an auto-response to say my email had been received.

Hileriously, on Uswitch, Bulb had 5/5 for online customer service B)

Apr 5
Smart meters installed!
IHD doesn’t show any data
Contacted Bulb many times over chat (don’t have history) about IHD not showing any data, and smart meter reads not showing up on account
Apr 25
I emailed Bulb about final meter readings not showing on account
Bulb replied asking for the final readings
I emailed them photos of the old meters from before the swap, asked again about IHD not working
Bulb replied saying there is a backlog but “it should be soon”
May 2
Told issues will be solved in the next few days… Ticket was closed
May 8
I asked for an update
Bulb apologised for now updating me, said they’re working through them and haven’t got to me yet
I asked about the IHD not working,
May 15
Another apology, told they were having teething issues and it’s high priority. Ticket was closed
May 16
Told they have the final elec reading (I already knew that), still no update on when they’ll have the gas one (despite me sending photos of it)

I sent the final gas reading again, with a photo of the yellow sticker on the new meter showing the swap reading
May 22
Told they’re working to correct issues and have no exact date, but definitely still being looked into
May 23
Told it my account will be updated
May 30
I email asking for an update
Asked if this was the first time I had gotten in touch about this problem, despite the email thread having history of everything above!
Told the final gas read will be chased. Ticket was closed.
I said no, this is not the first time - I contact you every few weeks (again, the email has a full history of all of the above!)
Another apology - told it will be chased and updated asap. Thanked for my patience(!)
Ticked closed
I tell them I’m changing supplier if this isn’t sorted soon
“Sorry to hear that, I’ll get this sorted as quick as I can”
Jun 4
I ask for another update. The last reading on my gas account is from April from the dumb meter. Told them I’m close to moving supplier
Jun 7
I replied to an email telling my to invite my friends, pointing out my unresolved issues
Jun 10
Lots of chit-chat, offered £20 compensation (spoiler: this never arrives until I specifically ask for it almost a month later)
Complaint raised on my account
Jun 12
Reason the issue isn’t fixed is that they’re working on a bulk-fix instead of fixing individual accounts (…)
“IHD will be fixed tonight”
Jun 13
The IHD fix made it worse - now no data shows… Reported this to them
Jun 19
Got another apology - told they’ve run it again, should be fixed tonight (…)
Jul 20
Confirmed that both gas and elec now show on IHD
Jul 1
Reported that my IHD freezes if I press the power button (the clock stops advancing and it’s completely locked unless I unplug it and wait for the battery to run out)
“I’ve logged it with the smart team, they will be able to fix it and be in contact when it’s fixed”
Sent a guide about how to restart the IHD
I told them that’s what I did, but I’ve done it 4 times so far. The power button has only worked correctly once out of 5 presses
More chit-chat, told they’ll get back to me (spoiler, whenever bulb say “I’ll get back to you”, they never do - literally, never)
Jul 3
I ask for an update…
Asked whether my IHD is working (!)
I told them the IHD is broken and they STILL don’t have my final gas read on their system
Gas reading ignored, asked if the IHD crashes every time
Told them IHD is working, other than the power button makes it crash. Asked AGAIN about my gas reading
I’m told the meter readings are known broken, but they will be fixed if they switch me to daily readings (which are pushed instead of pulled?). “This works on all accounts we’ve tried it on so far” (spoiler: not mine!)
Reminded them again that my final gas reading STILL doesn’t show
Told the daily reads requires an email to be sent before it will be enabled (spoiler: the email never comes - even though it is eventually enabled)
Told the gas reading is known and I’ll hear about it by the end of the month
More chit-chat, I repeated about being fobbed off over IHD - then asked to send screenshots…
More chit-chat about how things are complicated
I tell them I never hear back when they say that, will it be different this time?
Yes, it will… More apologies
Final gas reading finally added to account and meter switch over recorded !
Told I’ll be switched to daily reads to fix the issue soon
Smart team confirm my IHD is broken and I’m added to waiting list for new one - there are currently none in stock
The £20 compensation I was offered is finally added to my account
Jul 5
Smart daily readings finally start working
Jul 15
Smart daily readings STOP WORKING
Jul 16
Asked for an update on the IHD

Jul 18
Told I’m still on the IHD waiting list and my smart reads are working (spoiler: they’re not!)
Told the first batch of new IHDs is due by the end of the month
Jul 23
Reported daily readings have not been working for over a week
Told that they are working but do not show in the account because “it would be too messy” (spoiler: this is wrong)
Questioned the response, since they use to appear and now they don’t
Told that they are only added to the account 2 days before a statement (spoiler: this is wrong)
I questioned this again
Jul 25
Asked for an update

Jul 29
Asked AGAIN for an update (on replacement IHD and broken meter reads)
Told the new IHD’s are due to be sent out end of July, early August (spoiler: this does not happen)
Told they’re looking at the reads, will contact smart team for answers…
I said “that’s what the last person said but I never got an answer”…
Told I will hear back by the end of the week
Then told this happens when the network signal drops and they will try to re-enable them
Jul 31
An elec reading appears on the account - but no gas - I email again
Aug 2
Had an automated email saying it’s been 8 weeks since my complaint was raised and I can contact the ombudsman
Aug 4
Another automated email saying if I don’t reply, they will close my complaint and consider it resolved (WTF?!)
Aug 6
I reply to the automated email saying the complaint is not resolved, meter readings don’t work and my IHD doesn’t work
Asked for another update
“I’ve asked the smart team for an update and will let you know when I have a response” (spoiler: crickets)
Aug 9
Told I can fix this following instructions on an IHD help page (!!)
Pointed out the IHD is not the cause of my meters not reporting their reads
Given a page to enable daily reads myself (I did it, it had no effect)
Aug 14
Emailed asking for an update

Aug 15
I emailed again asking for an update, pointing out setting daily reading myself had no effect

Aug 27
Asked for another update. It’s been around 5 months now?

Aug 28
Asked for another update…

Sep 2
Bill generated with estimated readings
Tweeted this timeline to @bulbenergy
Emailed this timeline to
Emailed this timeline to
Sep 7
Bulb finally reply on Twitter, only to ask for my details because it seems they cannot locate any of the above correspondence
I provide them with email subject, date/time, addresses I sent it to
Sep 9
Bulb reply on Twitter again saying “sorry, they’re working on it and will reply as soon as they can”
I respond that’s all I ever hear, and nobody ever gets back to me (as is documented many times above)
Sep 13
Reply on an unrelated thread that apparently has forgotten the IHD was confirmed as a hardware fault and that I’m awaiting a replacement… Apparently it won’t be fixed “for a least a couple of months”
Sep 17
Emailed hello@ and complaints@ again, since there’s still been no response to my email sent on Sep 2
Tweeted again too

Nearly the same problems, meters installed in May, IHD never worked, clock stuck on 0-00 and cycles regularly emailed help on numerous occasions lots of fob off excuses, one “advisor” admitted that my IHD is faulty and needs replacing another “advisor” says the IHD needs an update in early September.,early September has now become the next few weeks, which will be over WiFi, don’t know how that will work because they can’t access my WiFi, meanwhile I’m still being told that I’m on a list for a replacement IHD but it may take months to send one out! No smart readings on my account since 13th July so I have to submit readings manually. Logged a complaint months ago and I get an email on a weekly basis saying if they don’t hear from me in the next three days they’ll close my complaint even though I’ve replied to each email telling them not to close my complaint!

I had similar emails saying they’d close mine, and I replied but never had any confirmation of whether it remained open or was closed.

I just filed a complaint at and provided copies of all emails etc., I’ve decided to stop chasing them anymore. I’ve wasted enough of my time on this. If there isn’t a satisfactory resolution very soon, I’m just going to move elsewhere. Life’s too short to waste it chasing unresponsive companies >:O(

I was going to say, just open a case with the ombudsman and leave them to it. You’ve had the issue longer than 8 weeks so they have to get involved. I know I suddenly started receiving attention to my complaint when the ombudsman became involved. Also received compensation for unnecessary wasted time!

Filed a complaint with the Ombudsman last week, fed up of fob off excuses and downright lies.