Does Bulb ignore YOU when things go wrong- as they have me?

I had a smart meter installed and the contracted engineer forgot to switch on my external mains ring which ran my power for my shed and summerhouse. Unfortunately, this is where we keep a freezer and all the food spoiled as I never noticed it until going out to get some food we’d frozen around two weeks later.
In the heat, the smell was horrendous and the clean up took almost half a day.

In itself, Bulb is not to blame but certainly, neither am I yet when I try to get this resolved Bulb is just ignoring me.
Initially, they said they’d pass my complaint to their contractors (Seimens) but I’ve heard nothing and when I try to ascertain if Bulb has contacted them and who they spoke to, I get no reply.

To my mind, someone other than me is accountable for the issue.
I’m not saying it wasn’t an accident- it obviously was, but why should I be penalised when I’ve lost food and had the inconvenience of cleaning it up plus go and buy more?

Please Bulb, contact me and let me know what you are doing about this.
You already were poor for me from the start by not billing me for nine months, leaving me to pay in one lump which was your mistake.
Do the right thing and get this sorted.
I’m after £70 so it’s not a massive amount.
You already have an excess of over £300 of mine since before the smart meter was installed and haven’t offered a refund?
Be professional and get a representative to speak to me, please?
This has gone on for a good month or two now.

I would put in a formal complaint as per: I appreciate it isn’t of much help if Bulb haven’t responded to date but at least it officially gets your complaint logged.

I’m lucky in that I have not had any issues with Bulb in my 18 months or so with them.