Does Bulb offer dual fuel discount?

We certainly do! Members who have their electricity and gas with us save £30 a year. When you have both your electricity and gas with Bulb we give you an extra discount of £30 each year. We reduce your daily charge with this, so you get these savings every month. If you have both your electricity and gas then you’ll automatically it, so no need to worry.

how about electric and oil or coal or wood :wink:
yeh I know probably not worth a try though

hahaha @pinkcalculator watch this space :slight_smile:

I am slightly uncomfortable with this one, given your stated aims of encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint.

I am doing so by removing gas from my property completely. This means of course that my electric bill will go up (a lot) next week as I will be using electricity for heating and hot water as well as everything else.

This is a good move for the environment, yet I will be penalised for it by you as I won’t be entitled to my £30 off, or will I?
As a customer who is using you for ALL of my energy needs (as a dual fuel customer does) can I still have the £30 off please?

Could you just reword it as being, instead of dual fuel discount a “totally bulb” discount of something, so that people like me benefit too?


That’s very interesting. I don’t think it’s something that we’d considered before either.

The reason that we have a dual fuel discount is because there is a cost associated with managing each member’s fuel supply. Managing 2 fuel supplies for 1 member is easier for us than 2 fuel supplies for 2 members. Hence the discount. But your point is very good, it is counterproductive in some situations to promoting renewables.

This is something we’re going to have to discuss internally and think about. So message read and understood! I’ll be back with our thoughts on it when we’ve had a chance to think it through.

Ok, I look forward to hearing from you :bee:

And what about this one - what are your thoughts? :blush:

Hi @maryrcrumpton,

Sorry about the delay on this one. So we’ve talked about it with the team to dig into it a bit more. Turns out that while it might look like this discount incentivises people to use gas, we don’t think that’s the case.

Just to recap, this discount is applied to the standing charge on accounts with both electricity and gas. We have standing charges because managing an account and the meters costs money, so we have a standing charge for each fuel type. A lot of tasks with managing meters are duplicated, so have 2 fuel supplies takes twice as much work. But some tasks are shared, like sending out a meter reader. A meter reader can read both fuels at the same time without any additional effort. The dual fuel discount reflects the reduced cost for these shared tasks.

This means that for electricity only members the total standing charge is £115 a year. For dual fuel, the total standing charge is £200 a year. So, even though there is a dual fuel discount, the total standing charge is higher for gas members. By being electricity only you’re saving a cool £85 on your standing charge.

I see that you deduct the dual fuel discount daily, presumably from the standing charge. Does this mean that instead of 24.56p x 2 per day I would be paying (24.56 x 2) - (3000/365) = 40.9p per day?

It does indeed, Endorphin. :slight_smile: