Does Bulb promote energy saving initiatives

We have recently moved house to an old, draughty non-insulated cottage. We are therefore looking for energy saving and green alternatives across the house, including solar panels and wall insulation. We are also hoping to get free insulation through a Government initiative called ‘ECO’ (Energy Company Obligation). We will also be looking to sell back some of the electricity generated through the panels to the National Grid via our energy supplier and the feed in tariff. Can you tell me if there any plans for Bulb to enter into these schemes in the near future?

Hi @soulmomma we’re really interested in these things. As we grow we’ll be doing more with energy saving and green alternatives but unfortunately cannot offer anything right now. We can still supply your property with 10% renewable gas and 100% electricity. You’ll just need to setup up a separate Feed-In Tariff for your solar panels with another supplier.

I’m a bulb customer, and about to embark on the government interest free loan scheme to get solar PV panels installed.
The loan available doesn’t quite cover the cost of the panel installation.
Could I approach Bulb to contribute an energy company obligation (ECO) sum to meet the shortfall of £495?

Also - could I please get a smart meter installed courtesy of Bulb?

Bulb are now obligated to be part of the intiative, but nothing has been mentioned so far.

@Julie_R_1, solar PV is considered to be an ECO measure, however only if your primary method of heating is electric.

You can get a smart meter - they will contact you at some point in the next year when they’re installing them in your area.

Come April 2019, Bulb will be responsible for installing energy efficiency measures in a small percentage of members’ homes each year.

They’ll be more on this from team Bulb in the coming months.

@“Eleanor at Bulb”, great to hear.

Personally I’m not eligible but it’s good that Bulb will be able to support those most in need to help increase comfort/decrease energy bills.

Glad you agree @mowcius

We haven’t yet decided how we will offer ECO to our members via installers, but we’ll keep members updated through our website once we’ve made this decision.

@Julie_R_1 In the meantime, there are various providers that you can contact to determine if you are eligible for ECO - you do not need to go directly via an energy supplier, but can reach out to installers who are receiving funding from energy suppliers.

An example website is, operated by a company called Agility Eco who implement ECO on behalf of other suppliers.

Hi Eleanor, as it’s now June 2019, I was wondering if Bulb is now participating in the ECO3 (latest) scheme? I see from the Which? website that Bulb is listed as a contributor. We have been a Bulb customer for a few years now and was looking to chat to get information if we could get help from the ECO scheme to insulate a bedroom which currently has no insulation, as it’s an old house in a rural area.Checked the web site link to myecohome but the scheme doesn’t include internal wall insulation which is the only type that would suit. Also interested to know if we would be eligible for the Warmer Home scheme.

Hey @Milwain. I’ve been holiday so apologies for a late response.

Bulb are one of the providers who are participating in the ECO scheme. We’ve not quite yet chosen our ECO partner but this doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for funding.

The criteria for the grants you are eligible for are not set by Bulb. Organisations like MyEcoHome will be able to let you know what kind of grants you are eligible for. The scheme cannot always offer the specific energy saving measures that you’re after.

Eligibility depends on a variety of factors including:

• where you live
• if you receive Government benefits (for example, Carer’s Allowance, Income Support)
• the type of improvements your home needs
• the cost-saving potential

We have a help centre article to explain if you’re eligible for the Warm Home Discount. There are some more useful links on there too.

I am looking to replace my boiler which is quite old , has there been any progress on the ECO3 situation with Bulb?

Hi Eleanor at Bulb,
I wonder if you can help me. I am on the telephone to bulb and after holding for 27 minutes the agent knows nothing of Bulb being apart of the ECO scheme. I have been told by my local council the Bulb have an obligation to assist in reducing energy bills. I am looking to have insulation fitted to my loft. I am an electric only property and have been told by the Martin Lewis forum that you can assist. Please could someone help me with this?

Interested in this too – has there been any developments?