Does the @smartmeter team really exist?

Since November I have two smart meter installed ( gas/electricity ).
Unfortunately the Siemens engineer did not leave a IHD and Bulb informed me that they can’t connect to the devices. So I still have to do the reading.
What I don’t like us that the smart team sends emails with installation feedback requests but does not answer on Emails or requests via the chat line.
So poor compare to previous customer service contacts.
So does the team really exist or is it a junk email account?

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I can assure you that the smart team do exist!

I can see that neither of your smart meters are commissioned. You may have already been sent the information of why this happens, but just in case you haven’t:

There are various, complex errors that could have occurred during the commissioning process, and we’re investigating why these may happen and finding a fix. Although we cannot confirm at the moment, which error your commissioning hit, I’ll explain our two most common ones.

The first error we are facing is connecting meters to the Home Area Network, which links the meters and the communications hub. If your meters fail to join this network, we cannot communicate with them or receive their readings

The second error is uploading Bulb’s security credentials onto the meter. If we’re unable to upload our credentials, we leave the meter in a dumb mode for security reasons.

We’re working on remotely solving the root cause of these errors, and various other ones. Once we have a fix, we will attempt to remotely commission your smart meters, to resolve the issue from our end, without the need for another engineer revisit.

It’s not always the case that another engineer visit will fix the issue, as our engineer wouldn’t have left your home without trying everything they could to connect your meters to the smart network. Because of this, we’re not yet able to send an engineer out as we need to look into the error first.

Since neither fuel is commissioned, we cannot receive your automatic readings.

We also would not send out an IHD until /unless one of your meters are commissioned, otherwise the IHD would be blank.

I can also see that you have an open complaint about the service at Bulb. We do ask you to reply directly to the complaint to keep everything in one place. Your case agent will get back to you as soon as possible.


@Mel_at_Bulb interesting statement about not leaving an IHD unless at least one commissioned meter is in place. That’s not been my experience…

I too have doubts on the smartmeter team.
I also have doubts on the complaints team,they seem as effective as the smart meter team…



I have logged into my account, but I cannot see anything about my account. Can anyone help?

Hi Melissa,
A lot of words but no actions.
I can see on the electricity display a strong signal 5 bars which I assume is the connection to the smart meter for gad.
The Mobile network has 4 bars on my phone.
My LAN is reachable in a radius of 10 meters around the house.
Not sure what the HAN is looking for.
Reading some documentation it would be possible for the IHD to connect to my LAN and send the data via broadband to Bulb.

It is frustrating that the Chat service is referring to issue to the smart team , but no response.
It would be helpful if the smart team could explain why the electricity meter back light goes on for a while and then switches the backlit off again.

The engineer ( Siemens logo on the van ) told me specifically that I would get a phone call to activate the smart meter , he also ask for my router credentials and told me a engineer would come and pair the smart meter plus the IHD.

So just before Xmas, I would appreciate if the communication to the smart team does improve.
Also I would be thankful if a member of your team would handle the issue. Regarding the complaint, I got no information from Bulb that I have a complaint. All I received was a acknowledgement that Bulb received a email , in which I informed Bulb that I have No IHD device.

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I don’t think this is correct unfortunately. Though I really don’t get why smart meters don’t use broadband (its something that every home has, and doesn’t rely on a sketchy weird signal from the DCC that has to be maintained and updated) the Wi-Fi connection on the IHD is for updates and connecting to things like Samsung smart things. Data is not able to be send to bulb via Wi-Fi. The smart meter uses the HAN too connect to the IHD, gas meter and a physical connection to the electricity meter, then transmitters and receives data using the DCC signal.

Hi Izzy
Thanks for the feedback.
I have three neighbours who ate with BG and their Smart Meters work. So no problem with the DCC as we are 150 yards apart and the houses are the same,
Stay Safe & Keep Well

They might be gen 1 meters. These use your mobile phone signal, which you say is very good in your area. the industry standard meters now use a dedicated connection to a separate DCC run network.

Hi Izzy
You might hit the nail on the head.
These were installed end 2018 .
So the proprietary DCC signal needs to reach
all the houses. Well some one must forgot check the signal before issuing the installation of the gen2 smart meter .

  • The smart meter network will cover over 99.25pc of Britain, which is more than mobile networks do.

Such a pity that the emphasis is on „will cover“…
A statement from 2018 and over 500 working days later still not achieved.

Have a Merry Xmas and a prosperous 2021.