Don’t have smart gas meter installed!

I had my gas meter installed a few days ago. I thought I would enquire when I will start seeing the readings. This is the response I have received. If this is the case why are you installing them!

We have tried to resolve this, however we were unable to move forward.

The gas meter cant send us readings on a monthly or daily schedule. This problem is affecting a small number of gas meters for all suppliers and is on top for the smart industry to fix currently.

You will need to send us manual readings until this is resolved.

We are not able to give you a timeframe as this will be resolved by the Networks.

We will be in touch as soon as this has been resolved.

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Hi @Tigermad

I’m sorry to see you’ve had these issues since your gas install. Unfortunately, the problem you’ve described is an industry wide one which impacts a small number of smart gas meters. There is no way for us to know prior to install if it will be an issue.

It is something we should be able to resolve remotely for you at some point, and get the meter submitting us readings. In the meantime we’ll need you to submit us manual meter readings every few months as before. I do appreciate the frustration, and can see we have a complaint open regarding the issue. We’ll update you there shortly and advise keeping further correspondence there, as it makes it easier to escalate the issue as necessary.

@CJ_at_Bulb thanks for the reply. I have since been told it couldn’t be commissioned because there was a network outage on Friday. So which is the correct answer please because every bulb team member is telling me a different story.

If the outage is correct then it can be commissioned now surely?

I have now been advised you can remotely connect me to the network. Can you please advise when this can be done.


Hi @Tigermad thank you for your reply.

I have now raised this with my smart team, to see if there is anything at all we can do in this situation - but I cannot guarantee there will be. They will be able to give me a definitive answer, and once I hear back I’ll pop you an email.

@GeorgieS_at_Bulb Thanks would it be possible to confirm if it can be commissioned remotely. I just want it to work :frowning:

No one will actually tell me what the problem is with my gas meter, just that it is a smart industry wide problem and cant be commissioned remotely. This doesn’t tell me anything at all. If you can’t explain what the problem is that is making it not work I wan’t my old meter back and I will change supplier.

I have been told this (see below)by your team on Twitter when asked if I can have an engineer. So why haven’t I been asked to do the below. What’s the hold up?

“ Hi there is nothing an engineer can do that we can’t do remotely. Commissioning a gas meter only requires a few buttons to be pressed on the meter whilst we are doing things from our end, we send detailed instructions beforehand to our members who need to do this.”

Hi @Tigermad,

Sorry for the delay in response. I have heard back from our smart team about this. Unfortunately, we cannot remotely commission your gas meter at this time. We ultimately need to revisit your property and do what we call a ‘power cycle’ but we aren’t able to book these in right now due to COVID restrictions.

When we are able to book these in, you will be contacted. I’ll pop you a reply to your email thread now, so if you have any questions we can go from there.

@GeorgieS_at_Bulb Thanks for the reply but I’m confused. You cannot visit my property due to Covid restrictions but you can install the smart meters?

Can you please explain what the difference is please?