Don't know what I can do to get help

I’ve tried everything online chat, twitter, email… and then complained to complaints email address about the terrible customer service I’m getting and as it to prove my point that email has never even been acknowledged. Really sick of this.

It’s over 6 months now since I’ve pointed out that my smart meter isn’t working. I’ve documented everything on my end, and it’s just a litany of being ignored and treated badly. So sick of it. It’s ready to send to the energy ombudsman, but before I do that is there anywhere else I can email as complaints email address hasn’t helped?

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Hi @hclarkson and welcome to our Community.

I’m truly very sorry for the frustrating experience you’ve had with your smart meter. I’ve discussed your case with the Energy Specialists you spoke with today on Twitter as we’re part of the same team.

They’ve been discussing your case with Kirsty who is handling your complaint. She will be in contact with your very soon. Furthermore, they have explained that your communications hub has been requested to be rebooted with the DCC. This should fix the issue you’ve had with your smart meter.

Again, I’m truly sorry for the experience you’ve had and will get this sorted for you.

thanks. fingers are crossed.