Don't Pay UK Campaign

Who’s joining in with the Don’t Pay campaign on the 1st October?

dontpay . uk

If prices go up even by the lowest amounts shown in the press over the past few days I may have no other option.

Sky news are saying bills could go up from the current average of £1971 to £3420 in October then £3850 in January!!!

What’s the point of buying food I can’t afford to cook it???

Energy prices will be higher than mortgage payments for many people, myself included

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I have a post elsewhere, however I can see myself falling into this category.

Don’t Pay are not who they say they are that’s what I’m seeing, it’s very suspicious when the MSM are reporting peddling it, so be careful.

That sound suspiciously like someone is out to discredit the movement to me

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I am looking in to it, not sure yet about joining. Made a small donation to dontpay (dot) uk to help in the buildup. What I would really like to do is carry on paying my electricity via DD but with a price-cap that I have decided on. Say, at the pre-April 2022 rate but with a 4% increase. That would bring it in line with the increase customers in France have been faced with. The problem with DD is that Bulb can increase the monthly payment without my consent. That is the case isn’t it? There is no way of capping a DD.

Tbh at least they are trying to do something.

Its the same with fuel. The cost of a barrel is lower than what it was when fuel was at under a piund per ltr I believe, yet what will happen is it will come doen to say 160 odd and because we will be delighted with that they will just say oh we will just leave it like that.

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

The fuel and energy companies are exploiting us as they know we need power and fuel. My monthly bulb bill is £155 for duel fuel they say. For a 1 bedroom small flat.

Heaven forbid what 2,3,4 bedroom homes are paying.

We pay our taxes. Energy should be either capped at a low rate or tbh FREE.

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Its worth emailing bulb and telling them the DD level is too high for my usage, thats what I did and it dropped from £85 to £69, I’m well aware that I will need to make higher payments in winter but I refuse to build up a ton of credit that sits in bulb’s account earning them interest


I need to research more carefully what the exact chain of sanctions will be taken against me if I take part in the dontpay (dot) uk protest and cancel my DD with Bulb on 1 October 2022. How long the timeline would be from the first ‘outstanding payment’ demand through to the next steps and finally to imprisonment.

Not to mention a ruined credit score!

I think it’s more likely the bailiffs will be round. It’s not a prisonable offence. It’s a civil matter, not criminal.

Nope that’s not what I’m trying to put across! Do your research first and stay safe with your monies that’s all I’m saying. Always talk and work with our supplier first.