Don't understand my latest bill

Just got a bill in from Bulb for electric and there are loads of statement corrections on the bill. Never had this before. Normally bill is fine and the smart meter gives a reading to Bulb every month for my bill.
Can someone please help.


Bulb’s contact details: Submit a request – Bulb

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Thanks for link. Will have to wait till Monday to contact them as it seems live chat is not open at te weekends.


Hi @darrenney

I have had a look at your account. I’m really sorry for the confusion here. The statement you have just received is a consolidated statement, meaning that it covers more than 1 month. This statement runs from 06/09/20 - 05/03/21 and so that you’re only paying for your energy once, we’ve credited back all previous statements in this period.

You’ve received this statement because some of your account information has been updated. In this case, we received some new readings from your smart meter which meant that we had to recalculate your statements.

We’d like to assure you the statement is now accurate and up to date as of your last monthly payment date, You can check out the readings that we’ve used to calculate this statement in the ‘Energy Use in Detail’ section and you can always view your historic usage in your Bulb Account.

I hope that helps!

Mel :smiley:

Thanks for your reply and info.