Double billed

Will be contacting Bulb directly, but just wondered if anyone else got a bill this month that bills for July as well as August? The September bill I got today is billing me from the beginning of July and ignores the August bill, totalling twice the expected amount.

Think something crazy might have happened, as they’ve billed me for 3 months today. My email notes that it’s for my usage since 3rd June, and it roughly equates to 3 months worth of usage, so hopefully someone at Bulb is on the case!

Wait a minute. I read the bill more carefully and it says they’ve refunded previously impacted bills which have been corrected.

Ah you may be right, I think the thing that confused me was that my app says I’m using more than I’m spending, which I’m not, but it may be getting confused by their credit and sudden large bill.

Letter says it’s because they’ve received more accurate info about my usage; I always enter my meter readings just before the bills are released, so wonder if me doing that sometimes triggers it? This might get annoying if it happens often as it makes it harder to compare bills month on month.

I presume it’s due to the price increase in the middle of August. My August bill had an estimated reading so they rewound until beginning of July with my given reading. I don’t really think it made much difference if any, other than the calorific value for August is higher than July so that was used in the calculation for both months now, but that ended up nothing more than a rounding error. Screws up my spreadsheet though!