Double billing

This month for some strange reason bulb picked up estimated reading from two months ago and so have billed for August twice. There is a credit on the account but nothing to say how it is made up. What is going on?

Me also. Sending email to see whats going on.

Please ignore previous comment. They have refunded the extra payment.

Great to hear that’s been sorted @kevinB, @Ruth_Macd it looks like there was something on last month’s bill which wasn’t quite accurate, possibly a meter reader went round last month and sent us a reading a bit late so we needed to add it in retrospectively, or a reading from you hadn’t been processed properly. Basically, whatever it was, we needed to go back and correct the bill. We did that by crediting back to your account the amount of last month’s bill, then giving you a new bill for last month and this month combined. Hopefully that helps, if it isn’t clear please do let me know. If you’d like to speak more specifically, I’d recommend getting in touch with us directly by email or phone