Double charge for 2nd electric meter that is not used

I have just switched to Bulb and I am really disappointed to find out that I will be charged for an unused electric meter that exist at the property. The meter was used previously for off-peak tariff (there was no smart meter there) and the 2nd meter is used for peak hours/non-variable tariff. EDF didn’t charge for the meter that was unused. I specifically asked about it before switching to Bulb and was told that if it’s being used I won’t be charged standing charged. To my surprise this is exactly the case and I have to pay standing charge for a meter only. Very dissapointing and very misleading to customers.

Hi Izabela @izabela4352

We’re so sorry for the miscommunication and confusion there. At the moment I’m afraid we do have to charge an extra standing charge for each additional meter, even when it isn’t being used.

It’s true that some of the larger suppliers are able to absorb the extra costs associated with additional meters, but we’re not yet at the stage where this is possible for us. It’s definitely something we want to work on in the future so that we can provide the best possible service for people in your situation.

Going forward, the best solution might be to remove the extra meter if it’s not being used at all, which is something we can arrange.

I’ve also responded to your email to answer the other queries you brought up there :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,