Double Payment

For both May and June I have money taken from my account from both Bulb and my old supplier Scottish Power. Please can you advise?

You will probably find that SP will continue to take payments until your readings are verified by a 3rd party then they will credit back any surplus due to you. (usually up to 6 weeks) Bulb start payments on the date you sign over.

@lpsad Hey. I’ve just had a look at your account and the readings for your switch seem to have made their way through the validation process @scudo mentions back in May.

We would not expect them to continue to bill you, so this may be something a little stranger which we can help you resolve. Have they issued you with any kind of “final statement” or “final bill”?

If not, we would probably want to confirm some details from you. I would suggest in that case you drop us an email or give us a call so that we can look into this a little more deeply for you.

I would suggest in that case you drop us an email - That statement is misleading as I have asked questions via email and still waiting for answer’s. I am having the same problem as well both suppliers not talking but leaving upto a 3rd party to sort. So far I’m not impressed with Bulb

Hi, I want to check that there is not going to be two payments taken out of my account, as I changed my payment day the the 6th of the month but this could not stop my original payment made on the 1st of this month…

Hey Roy, you shouldn’t be, the date seems to have been changed with enough time for the change to process without triggering a double payment. To be sure email us at so we can locate your account :slight_smile:

Nadia @ Bulb

Hi, a payment of £102.77 has been taken from my account. I will e-mail and ask for a refund of that payment, as that could make my account go overdrawn.

Hi Roy, the repayment has been made and should get to you in the next few days :slight_smile: