Double payments to you and my existing supplier.

I started my switch over from Co-Op energy on 14th of December. I have been getting charged by yourselves and my existing supplier in both January and February. Help !

When you switch to Bulb they take a forward payment from the switch date… Your old supplier will continue taking payments until the readings have been verified then they will credit back to you any excess after the final Bill. So it will balance out.

Same! Except I left them in early October and they’re still saying they never got my final meter reading! Would love if someone could help out from Bulb side and resend the final reading to them

Imkah, you need to contact Bulb and discuss this with them as they can escalate a dispute with your old supplier. The final reading would normally come via a 3rd party that verifies the readings.

@Bailster2018 and @Imkah normally our answer is that previous suppliers can take up to 6 weeks to produce final statements. A few suppliers continue taking payments during this limbo period even though they don’t supply you anymore. (Bulb does not do this.)

However, both are you are past the 6 week point. This makes me concerned that there may be some confusion about your meters. On pages 3 and 4 of our statements (accessible at, we list your meters’ supply reference numbers and serial numbers. I would check that they correspond to the numbers on your previous supplier’s statement.

If they do not correspond, please get in touch with us on 03003030635 or We’ll ask what meters your previous supplier is billing you to.