Double payments

I’ve just moved to bulb and within 1 week I’ve paid both my British gas bill and my bulb bill, I’ve paid double, who owes me money? And how do I get it back? Quickly!

My understanding is that your Bulb payment is now set up for monthly DD, your old supplier will hang on to your cash until everything is finalised with them and then credit back excess monies, this can take a few weeks but usually not more than 6.

Hi @bethany thanks for getting in touch. With British Gas, you were probably paying for the month in the past, whereas at Bulb, you pay for the month ahead, so you are not be double charged for any of the same energy. As you have submitted meter readings, we will send those to British Gas, so that they can send you a final bill and refund you any excess credit. It might be worth calling them to ask if they are going to take another payment in January, and asking if they can not do that. Owen