Double pole breaker for supply

I recently had a smart meter fitted and i was going to have a double pole isolator fitted in between supply and consumer unit, the engineer did not do this. After many emails this still has not been sorted.
I was also left with an exposed nuetral conductor on the tns supply.
Im writing this as no one answers my emails anymore and i need a isolator putting in.
I have been in touch with the DNO (western power Dial 105 for these) and they are going to come and fit a new supply head due to the exposed part
Could we please arrange for an engineer to come down and do this job for me please…

WPD can do this for you when they visit, at a cost of £172.43 plus VAT.

It’s possible that the contractor could have installed the isolator for free when they installed the smart meter. But this usually only happens if you ask the technician at the time of the visit. Did you ask during their visit? Or did you only talk to Bulb about it?

It was asked of the engineer on the day I did have emails organising a second visit to make this happen and the last email was asking me when i would like it to be installed. Then i replied and nothing??? I dont want to pay for someone elses mistake and it would be cheaper to get western power down to just cut the tags and i do it myself. However i feel this is not my responability