Doubling my DD and giving me 3 days notice when I am in credit

Do you think it is reasonable to only give 3 days notice & double a DD?
btw I am in credit.
Why can we not be treated like adults and pay for what we actually use? Is this a ploy to keep money in BULBs account rather than our own?

Seems impossible to actually speak to a person to discuss what is reasonable. My current response was a standard response with no relativity to my personal account at all.

Bulb should be adhering to this time frame.

If either the amount you owe, the frequency or the payment date changes, the organisation concerned has to notify you in advance (normally 10 working days) of your account being debited. This gives you time to get in touch with them if necessary.

So if I understand what you are saying, You have have had an email to say that in 3 days time your DD wil be taken at double the current amount. If so then this is against the the recognised norm for giving at least 10 days advance notice.

So that you are on safe grounds to challenge the increase in DD payment are your meter readings fully up to date and are these reflected in your most recent Bulb statement?

Same thing has happened to me but I’ve had no email to state my DD is being increased so my DD is going to fail :frowning: not happy, I’m 2 months in credit and all readings put in monthly

Yes everything is all up to date.
I have finally had someone deal with me directly on FB messenger and amended my payments to £115 over winter which is far more reasonable.
However I did cancel my DD so will just have to set up a new one now. So vexing

I contacted them by live chat (did not work as 78 in queue and kept cancelling)
Twitter - gave me a generic response
Email - no response
FB messenger - and I actually had a person and she resolved it for me. Good luck

I doing same, absolutely useless, definitely switching :frowning: no interest in helping, said they sent an email on the 15th September checked my inbox and definitely no email

Hi @zoetmorgan, thanks for posting on Community, I’m glad you were able to get your query sorted on Facebook.

@hayley.lord, I can see your payment amount has been reset back to its original amount after this months payment. Please let me know here if you still have any other questions, and I’ll be happy to send you an email.


Did they explain why they only gave you 3 days notice?

They said they sent an email in Sept advising me of payment changes, but I dont seem to have received it. Most odd as I would have noticed this hike I can tell you. I am wondering whether it was more generic about price increases in general and not specific as I would have put this in spam.

OK, the email which you received regarding 3 days notice is the normal email which Bulb send out to advise they are going to take your payment in three days time.

This is totally different to the email which Bulb send out to advise a change to your DD which should be sent at least 10 working days before the change is to take effect. It looks from what you are saying that Bulb sent it out in plenty of time in September but then it got lost in the ether?