Dual ( Day Night) tarriff to Single tarriff

Dear Bulb, can you please let me know that is it possible to switch to single tarriff from dual tarriff online?

This is a public customer forum, so it’s best you contact bulb directly.

But if you’re on a dual rate, I assume you have an E7 meter or something, the only way to change this is to change your meter. Email help@bulb.co.uk and you may be pointed in the right direction. Or phone them from the help pages. They don’t open until 9am Monday

That kind of switch requires a smart meter, otherwise a physical meter change is needed.

If you do already have a smart meter, whether Bulb can remotely reconfigure it for you depends on if it’s a model with which they can communicate. The issue of older smart meters losing functionality when switching supplier isn’t going to be resolved for another 12-18 months or so.

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