Dual fuel discount clarification

Before my switch on 6 Dec, I’m trying to ensure that my spreadsheet has all the right figures.
As I understand it, the dual fuel discount is actually applied by reducing the daily standing charge. So am I right in assuming that the figure of 23·39p (ex VAT) per day is the discounted rate, even though the £14·29 per year is listed as a separate item?

Hi @198kHz

The unit rates, excluding VAT, are correct there and for the purpose of your spreadsheet, I wouldn’t subtract the Dual Fuel Discount from the standing charge. If you divide the annual discount by 12, you can obtain a monthly figure to subtract from your calculations.


@“Rob at Bulb” Thanks Rob, I think I understand now.
It was this bit from your FAQs that was confusing the issue -
"We reduce your daily charge with this, so you get these savings every month. [my bold]
Just to be clear, then - the daily charge on the statement is the ‘normal’ rate, and the discount is itemised separately?

@198kHz Yeah exactly, I think this was just to give it a simple way of understanding how to think of the standing charge, but for your spreadsheet (and the statements we send) the discount should be a separate line item!

@“Rob at Bulb” OK, thanks Rob - got it! :slight_smile: