Dual Fuel Discount

I posted this in the FAQ thread but didn’t get an answer so I see that you deduct the dual fuel discount daily, presumably from the standing charge. Does this mean that instead of 24.56p x 2 per day I would be paying (24.56 x 2) - (3000/365) = 40.9p per day?

Hi @endorphin, sorry you didn’t get a reply before!

That’s now how our system calculates and processes the dual fuel discount, so that’s not how it will appear on your statements, but you can think of it that way if you like, because it all works out the same in the end :slight_smile:

@“SamC at Bulb”, how does the Dual Fuel discount appear on statements? Do we just get a discount on our bills/direct debit once a year?

@mowcius The dual fuel discount appears on every bill as a credit. It is applied throughout the year.

How do I find out if my dual fuel warm home discount has been paid to you?

Hi @Simmie, the warm home discount is different to the dual fuel discount which is being discussed here.

Bulb do not currently offer the warm home discount but are working on ensuring it’s available before winter 2018.

If you are instead referring to a Winter Fuel Payment, I believe this is paid directly to you rather than your supplier.

Hi @Simmine - as @mowcius said, we don’t offer the Warm Home Discount at the moment. However, you can find a full list of those suppliers that do offer the Warm Home Discount on this page from Uswitch https://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/warm-home-discount/. We’re also actively working towards being able to provide this to our members in the future.

The link about winter fuel payments is super useful too (thanks @mowcius!) and has hopefully answered your questions, but get in touch if you have any more!