Dual fuel switch

I am in the middle of switching to a Bulb dual fuel tariff and have received a request for meter readings. However, I am only able to input an electricity reading. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere for me to put in my gas reading.
Is there a problem with the gas part of my switch?

Hi @karen9233, there seems to have been an issue with the gas switch, this has delayed it to the 27th July, I am sorry for this inconvenience, it was due to some issues with the way your gas supply was listed in the industry databases. We have now managed to correct this issue.

A similar thing has happened to me. My gas is now delayed by 9 days. However I have received no assurance that the DD will be delayed so effectively I will be paying up front for a service that is now delayed.

@keith, with Bulb you’re always paying upfront anyway.

Payments get credited into your account at the start of the month and then money is removed from your account credit to pay for the electricity/gas as you use it.

As this is a combined account anyway, the fact that your gas switch is delayed shouldn’t cause an issue.

The dates can be changed to something more convenient (and that line up) in the future by contacting Bulb after the switch.


@keith thanks for posting!

@mowcius is right, the payments at Bulb are always upfront, and as your supply for electricity still starts on the 21st, the payment has remained at this date. We’re really sorry there was a delay in your gas starting. As the first payment is for a full month of both fuels, it does mean you are paying a little bit more than you will use. To account for this, we have lowered your second payment to £55. The third payment on the 21st of January will remain the same.

Hope this helps, and shout back with any questions :slight_smile:

@lauram Thank you. That fixes the issue.

@keith great stuff, just let us know if you have any further questions!