Dual Fuel

Hi, I would like to get dual fuel but my gas meter is on a different side of my house so is registered at a different address. Normally I do them separately but Bulb do not give this as an option. Any suggestions?

Hi @Javabaloo ,

By sounds of things there is a problem with the National Meter Database which should be sorted ASAP as it could cause so many problems (not just with Bulb, but practically any other supplier now and in the future). I would advise you taking a picture/note of the meter (with it’s current reading, the serial number and any other identifying information on the front of it/near it) and contacting your supplier asking them to update the Xoserve National Gas Meter Database with your correct address. Once that’s done, and the meter is allocated to your address, Bulb (or any other provider) should be able to process this as a standard switch.

It might also be worth sticking your address in https://findmysupplier.energy/ to try and find out what MPRN (another meter reference number) the national gas database THINKS is allocated to your house - and check that against your bills (likewise, try the neighbouring property’s address and see if their MPRN comes up as the one you’ve been paying for…).

Thanks for your advice but I know the reason my meter is on the other street. We bought the property attached to ours at the back and when the building work was done we only needed one gas supply and it was simpler to keep the supply at the back of the house which is on the road behind so a different address to our front entrance. Our old gas supply was unused so disconnected. So one house, one occupant with a front and back entrance on different roads, which is the complication when trying to get dual fuel. So in the past I have had to get separate gas and electricity but it appears that is not possible with Bulb?

Have you spoken to Bulb as I am sure they will endeavor to sort it our for you.