Dual Rate meter

Hello. Are you able to fit a single rate meter for us? We have a dual rate meter but do not use any electricity at night except the fridge/freezer. E.on could not get their head around his and continued to undercharge us for 2 years despite me repeatedly telling them of the error. (were charged different rates for day/night consumption). Not a problem being undercharged until you want to leave the company and find a large debt owing. Because of this I left for another supplier who continued the problem, but as the two rates are the same no harm done. Our meter was read by a meter-reader as we are swithching to you and again the error persists. Should I assume that the computer will not allow a lower reading in the 00:00-07:00 box than in the 07:00-00:00 box? Anyway, I’ve submitted a photo showing our (low) Kwh reading for night consumption.

They can, but it will be chargeable, ~£130.

If you wait for a smart meter, they will do it for free…