Duplicate Meter Readings have Doubled my Gas bill

In June, my broken Gas Smart Meter was replaced with a new not-so-smart meter.
Since then I have been providing manual meter readings starting at 0 as it was a new meter.

Having received an email stating that my direct debit will go up by a staggering 50% I decided to check the ‘energy usage’ and what I see there are the meter readings that I have provided TOGETHER WITH continuing estimated readings for the old meter which has been removed and taken away.

It seems that the old meter is still linked to my account so please can you unlink that meter from my account and credit my account back with the total of its estimated readings since the new meter was put it.
Also, do not put up my monthly direct debit as it is clearly not necessary.

Hey @TimXJR1300 :wave: and welcome back to the community :man_dancing:

The old meter hadn’t been removed from the system which was confusing the billing and therefore the account balance and direct debit amount is not accurate.

I have amended this and should be able to issue your statements this afternoon. This will then recalculate your monthly payment amount and take what you’ve used from the credit amount, showing an accurate balance.

I will reply to your email once this is done.

Apologies for this, but we’ll have it fixed in no time.

– Robyn :bulb: