E.ON using wrong readings.

We moved into a property on the 13th June. 2018 We took Gas and Electricity readers on that day and called E.ON. Told them the readings so we wouldn’t be charged for stuff we haven’t used. They seemed excited until we told them we were moving to Bulb. Now we’ve come to update our readings with Bulb, the electricity readers E.ON gave them are from Feb, when we didn’t even own the house.

I assume we’d have to take this up with E.ON or can Bulb sort them out? Clearly E.ON are annoyed we’ve moved and ignored the readers we gave them on the day we moved in.

Hi there @steviefaux that all sounds a bit irritating. The incorrect readings that Eon are using, are those the final reads or the first reads on your bill from them? If they’re the final reads then we’ll probably be able to get them to change, there’s something called a ‘dispute process’ which we can use to get your first reads with us/your last reads with Eon changed. If they’re the first reads on the bill I’m afraid we won’t be able to get them changed though, I think you’ll have to get in touch with Eon directly.