Ec 7 night time East London


I would like to know when the night rate starts and finish. Is it midnight to 7am?

Thank you

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Hi @Lucie9,

Have you checked the stickied thread at the top of this forum at which might answer your question? They’ll be the same hours as your previous supplier either way.

Thanks Richy. We just bought the flat and the previous supplier was on a single rate. I havent received a bill yet so not sure the area code is. There is no info on the meter.

Hi @Lucie9,

According to Distribution network operator - Wikipedia , it looks like all of London should be in region 12 (UK Power Networks), but depending on where exactly you are in East London you could be in region 10 ‘East England’ or you could be covered by an IDNO ( independent distribution network operator) which will have their own times.

In this case, having a new property with no idea of how the meter is configured (it might have the time on it, but it might not actually be an Economy 7 meter: or it could be a single rate meter but recorded on the national meter database as a Economy 7 meter, or it could be the reverse), it’ll probably be best to drop Bulb an email directly via How to get in touch – Bulb asking. However, they don’t get the ‘technical information’ (including the MPAN code which provides the meter configuration details) until ‘some time’ after you’ve switched to them: so they might not be able to answer straight away [I’ve asked if Economy 7 hours could be included in the welcome emails, but they’ve said because this information is delayed getting to them, they can’t find out].

I take it the previous owner didn’t leave you with a bill or the MPAN/S-number of the meter?

Thank you, I will look for the MPAN code, and if I cant find it I will ask Bulb.