Eco-Apps - how mobile applications can help reduce your carbon footprint

Software developers have come up with mobile apps to encourage us to reduce our carbon emissions.

We’ve shared some useful eco-apps you can download to help you become a climate hero.

Lift sharing apps such as BlaBlaCar and LiftShare link you to a community of drivers or passengers going the same way as you. These are safe platforms to search and share car journeys, helping to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

By filling empty seats, you can lower pollution levels, save money and even have a radio singalong with your new buddies.

Food Waste
The average person in the UK throws away £230 of food waste a year. That’s £18,768 in a lifetime.

Not only is food waste costly but all that extra food production, packaging and transportation significantly contributes to global carbon emissions.

Olio has been developed to upload food that would otherwise be thrown out which people in your area can pick up for free. This app is helping to promote zero-waste households and businesses. A useful tool if you’re going on holiday and still have a fridge full of food.

Carbon Tracking
If you’re already a climate hero and have run out of ideas of how to be even greener, try downloading GoGreen or Oroeco. These apps allow you to track, calculate and compare your electricity, gas and water usage. They send you carbon saving tips that are specific to your usage. And they turn your energy saving into a game, letting you track your green status and compete with friends.

Do you use other eco-apps to help reduce your carbon footprint? We’d love to hear about them.