Economy 10 meter

Has anyone else had one of these installed?

Hi @Cyz sadly we cannot support Economy 10 meters with a matching tariff so we would have to bill it at one rate. We do offer Economy 7 meters though.

Thanks for response. Where would I find out the tarrifs that I would be charged for a economy 7 meter?

How much to bulb charge to have a economy 7 meter installed ? Thanks.

For the tariffs, just go to and scroll to the bottom of the page: enter your postcode (as, due to ‘national grid’ distribution costs, the tariff[s] are slightly different for each ‘utility region’) and tick the ‘I have an Economy 7’ box.

According to , there is a charge to switch to/from an Economy 7 meter of £120.

However, I believe that once the SMETS2 smart meters are rolled out, they are able to be switched between “standard” and Economy 7 (and other tariffs) ‘at will/remotely’ and so I believe there will be no/minimal charge for this (of course, at the moment, this is hypothetical). I believe Bulb are hoping to start rolling out free SMETS2 meters at the tail end of this year/start of next year (with them having to be on offer by 2020 to anyone who asks for them - unless regulations change). So if it’s not urgent and/or the saving you’ll make won’t be more than £120, it may be just worth waiting for smart meters.

Thanks for the great response and getting back to me…

Super accurate as always @RichyB thanks, yep @Cyz that’s exactly it, please do let us know if you have any more specific questions about booking in engineers and so on