Economy 10 meter

Hi, I just signed up to Bulb and am hoping that I can keep my economy 10 meter with peak and off peak as certain times in the day. I could only find day and night rates, which are usually an Economy 7 meter?
Hope they can still provide power for my household.

No, they don’t do economy 10

i had a conversation with George@bulb today who stated that i have;
all days 0000-0500, 1300-1600 & 2000-2200 at off peak tariff. i used to be on econmony 10/heatwise with he previous supplier.

Hi @locky As you have an economy 10 meter and we don’t have a two rate tariff for these meters, we’ll take both readings but bill them at our single unit rate price

hmm, this is a little misleading. i very recently changed my tariff from your “one price” tariff of aroun £0.13 per unit to your 2 rate tariff £0.18/£0.08 to make sure i’m not using electricity during peak hours i asked George@bulb what times the meter changed. his answer was 0000-0500, 1300-1600 & 2000-2200. these are all the non peak times which should result in electricity consumed between these times being charged at the lower rate of £0.08 and not as you have stated.

I have an Economy 7 meter. Does it actually make a difference if I use appliances such as washing machine/dishwasher/tumble dryer in the 'night period which I think is 0100 to 0800 in summer?

Hey @gmulder343 :wave:,

Welcome to Community and thanks for your question.

Yes, your economy 7 hours will be at a lower tariff so your high usage appliances such as washing machine/dishwasher/tumble dryer will be cheaper to run over night.