Economy 10 switch out

I’m on Economy 10 and have no idea why this is as I dont have storage heaters and my night usage is only around 20%. So I’m looking to change supplier as my current supplier costs are high. I guess I will need a new meter (mine is 15years old)? What is the cost to do this?

See: Two rate meters (including Economy 7) – Bulb

Bulb only provide Economy-7 if you have a meter with less than 8.5 hours of offpeak usage. Since you have Economy-10 if you switch to Bulb you’ll automatically be put on the single rate tariff. If you did want to change the meter anyway, the cost will be £120. But since you’d be on the single-rate tariff anyway you’d be better just keeping the meter and waiting for Bulb to swap it out for a smart meter for free.

Your existing supplier might change your meter to a single-rate meter for free. They would likely install a smart meter which could well be SMETS1. In which case, again, you’d be better to just let Bulb change the meter since that is guaranteed to be SMETS2.