Economy 18

Hi there,

I’m currently on an economy 18 tariff (electricity only) with eon but they are stopping the tarrif shortly.
I have a dual-meter system where one meter feeds the electric storage boiler & the other the rest of the house.

Bulb came out on top on a comparison site, but can you support my dual-meter system? Can I switch to Bulb & have no issues?

Thank you


With your current dual meter setup it may not be best with bulb as you get charged per mpan and they likely be at standard tariff instead of the closer economy 7.

Best to get the meters reduced to a simpler single meter (ideally economy 7 or smart) before moving to bulb.

Check this thread out for useful information in a similar scenario

I have 2 cottages with Kalirel electric radiators, entire system installed in 2009 to take advantage of Economy 18, with radiators coming on for 6 hours 3 times a day at cheap rate. It is pretty devastating to be told that the tariff is being withdrawn as without it it would seem the entire heating system is void. Is this true? Just to clarify the circumstances, the cottages are ancient, lime plastered, wattle and daub, heavily timbered, so getting hot water-pipe heating around was impossible even when doing a total refurbishment. As a retrofit it is unthinkable. I note that Bulb does offer E7 but how would that work with my set-up?

I don’t think it would be recognised by bulb as economy 7, you likely have two or three MPANS as in the earlier posts and really need to get the meter situation sorted before moving to bulb…

As for the electric radiators it sounds like these are not storage heaters so would need to be on during the day. Seems as though this would be very expensive to use upon an economy 7 as most use would surely need to be during the day and not much usage during the cheap economy 7 night period?

Perhaps look around for other providers that offer the economy 18 tariff in the first instance or alternatively look to change for a single rate meter if substantial use is expected during the day.

Hi Philip, do you know of any other Economy 18 suppliers?

Hi Philip, do you know of any other Economy 18 suppliers?

Sorry no not specifically.
A bit of googling found the following but rather dated info so may not be relevant anymore.

Scottish Power (via name of Economy 2000)

It may be that you have to change meters to next closest economy 10?

Or change to a smart meter but I would imagine the circuitry would need altering to run off a single meter.

Hi @DLoEnergy As stated above, if you have multiple meters, we would charge multiple standing charges, which often doesn’t work out so well for people in this situation. We are very transparent about this fact.

We only support economy 7 set ups, where you get 7 hours of off-peak energy, and these are typically between midnight and 7am (it varies depending on your region).

The way we charge the usage on your meters when you have multiple meters depends on the type of meter. There is something called the “standard settlement configuration” associated with every meter which determines how we charge. To give a quote for these sorts of meters, we would need to know the exact meters we are going to be supplying.

I hope this helps