Economy 7 and smart meters

I have a economy 7 meter installed in my house, I use storage heaters to heat it and an emersion heater to heat water at night.Can i still have a smart meter installed. I cannot change to a standard tariff rate because there is no gas main in my road the entire road is on Economy 7

I’ve been told by Bulb that they can’t install smart meters in properties which use storage heaters - but should be able to do so in 2020…not sure why though!

This depends on whether you have a five terminal meter, where the 5th terminal is a switch output that is live only during the off-peak periods. If you have a normal 4 terminal meter and independent timers on each heater, then you’ll be fine.

I’d suggest you wait a while before getting a Smart Meter fitted, I’m not convinced Bulb have got the process fully working yet. I was on the Vari-Fair Economy 7 tariff with Bulb as I have an ASHP so can shift a lot of electricity use to the night. However, I had Elec & Gas Smart meters fitted a couple of weeks ago and it seems I am no longer on Economy 7, but it’s hard to tell.

The electricity meter only shows one tariff, I can’t find a second reading that should correspond to E7 and the meter doesn’t show two rates (as my old one used to).

It’s possible I’m still on the E7 Vari-fair tariff - the Samsung smart app states that I am - but I’m not sure. I suspect I’ll find out when I get my next bill. The IHD only shows one electricity rate (though I have just had a thought - perhaps I should have a look at it past midnight as it might show a different rate?).

I delayed getting a Smart Meter until they were only installing SMETS2 meters - I thought I had waited long enough for the process to be worked out but perhaps not!

I have the same problem, i had an economy 7 tariff, Bulb installed a smart meter and now i only have one meter reading. The meter can’t communicate with their system and they expect me to provide a reading.