Economy 7 bill always too high

Hi - i just want to get a gage if you live in a 2 bed flat, and have storage heaters, and a water tank which both heat up at night, how much are you paying overnight on the night tariff? i am struggling to understand how i can wake up to £3 in the morning on the smart metre? i am on economoy 7 tariff. Also has anyone had a situation where their storage heaters draw energy on the expensive day tariff? when i turn on the off peak switch they start drawing energy, all of my smart metre graphs show this when it’s 9pm the price shoots up, also an elecrician advised they are. Bulb seem to say an electrician needs to recheck this and my landlord/electrician say it is a fault with the metre. i am at a loss of who needs to fix the problem!

£3 sounds reasonable for an overnight charge, including your hot water. That’s around 23 units.

Hey @karenvasquez Welcome to our community :bulb:

Economy 7 can work out more expensive if you do not utilise the off peak. If any major appliance draws energy in the day hours this we will work out more expensive.

Your storage heaters should be drawing energy on your off peak hours, if they are not doing this or you suspect a fault with them, an electrician will need to be booked by your landlord to assess this. They will report any faults with the electrics.

If you feel a meter is faulty, Bulb can book an accuracy test but this costs £120. The cost is free if the test deems the meter at fault.

The best thing to do is confirm with us the official time your storage heaters turn on and we can tell you if this matches up with your economy 7 times.

–Carl :bulb:

The electrician has advised the storage heaters are drawing electricity when the off peak switch is turned on and advised this is a fault at my metres, that they have not been programmed correctly as they should only turn on between off peak hours which are 12.30 to 7am. I cannot stay awake until 12.30 so i switch them on at 9.30 and notice a large peak of energy usage after that time. My fridge is on 24/7 as normal, i only use a laptop and monitor in the day and boil a kettle, i hardly use my oven as i use a ninja (dueto how expensive it is to use my oven in the day). Washin machine is turned of at 5am when i wake up with my son. I don’t understand how my bills at close to £5-£7 a day, with the energy increase, this could quite easily lead to £10 a day!

I am at a loss of knowing who i need to be firm with? my landlord or bulb? who’s responsible for ensuring the storage heaters do not draw heat in the daytime, if an electrician has already checked all wiring.

Hi it sounds like at one time the economy 7 meter was probably a Tele switch so the off peak circuit’s would only switch at off peak times
You mention you have a smart meter if this is not an economy 7 meter your off peak circuit’s will be live 24/7
To rectify it’s either a new smart E7 meter or time switches for the off peak circuit’s
This is one reason why I’m sticking with an old
E7 non smart meter because of the problems that have happened with others
Hope it sorts for you!!
Take care J.

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Few things to check that you might be suprised about. Is the back of the fridge where the elements are (sometimes underneath but always accessible) clean and free of cobwebs and dust? You can save a third of your energy useage from your fridge by keeping them clean as it reduces the amount of time the pump has to work to cool it.
Is your hot water tank too hot? Try dropping the temperature a couple of degrees and reducing the time it is on to 2 hours which is all a modern tank requires to heat water from cold to hot.
Check your hot water tanks own timer, it will not be connected to the economy 7 system and can be set to the wrong time after power cuts or after the summertime clock changes.
Clean your laptops cooling fan! You’d be suprised how much energy a laptop can use if it is running its cooling fan all the time because of dust and dirt.
Try charging mobile phones and tablets overnight during econmy 7 times or charge them in a car or by a solar charger. Same applies to any other battery chargers where possible.

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I have also been trying to get to the bottom of why our off-peak storage heaters are still drawing energy at 8.30am, when the off-peak rate is not operational.

Since we joined Bulb no engineer has ever been sent to look at our meter never mind read it, so maybe they really don’t know how many of their customers’ meters have been set up.

Our Distribution Network Operator informs me it is the supplier who is responsible for meter settings, but I’ve contacted Citizens Advice for comment.

It also looks as though none of the rest of our domestic system is hooked up to the cheaper rate, but that’s another thing I’m trying to establish definitively.

Basically, deregulation of energy supply is proving to be a daft idea. The notion that competition is in the customer’s favour is part of the smoke-and-mirrors approach to delivery of utility services.

Thank you! This is useful!

Please can we keep in touch? I am thinking if i should go via Ofgem if Bulb dont want to solve this.

Yes, I think this forum is a useful place for consumers to compare notes and help each other.

I guess it helps Bulb, too.