Economy 7 - Can I please get the clock/timer reset to the correct time ?

Currently running ten minutes fast and want to use the automatic timer but NOT to come on ten minutes earlier and then ten minutes after the 7 hour ‘cheap rate time’ window… It seems Economy 7 users are penalised and on a higher Standard Variable Tariff if we use electricity out of hours.
Really would like to be able to leave the water/heating to come on automatically.
Any advice ?

That’s within the allowed tolerances I believe, so you may struggle to get them changed without paying. The other option is to wait for a smart meter.

The other option is to wait for a smart meter.

This wont necessarily help.

I’m now on the Bulb smart tariff, and all the rate changes are running 15 minutes late. I’ve been told today that it is normal for times to be “stepped” to add some jitter to the rate changes, so that not everyone e.g. turns on their storage heaters simultaneously.

I already do this with my EV charging. I set the car timer to start at some odd number of minutes after I want it to start, rather than specifically on the hour which is likely when a lot of other could be scheduling things to start as well. It helps avoid a massive inrush current as everything starts up at once.

Still very annoying though. If it’s going to be offset, I’d rather it was earlier than later, so that the peak rate ends earlier!

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I also wish the timer was slow. I really resent the minutes tagged on at the higher rate. These energy suppliers make a fortune from our ‘out of synch’ digital timers.